If you have some extra money to spare, and you are looking forward to buying some sherry wine, then this article will help you pick out the best one for you! Sherry wine has been around for centuries, and it’s here to stay too.

This drink doesn’t have the same popularity as the popular wines like white wine or red wine, but in some parts of the world, people still prefer this to any other types of wine. Let’s talk about How To Keep Your Sherry Wine Fresh

Place it in Right Position

The key to a long life for any wine is controlling exposure to oxygen, heat and light. When you’re buying sherry, or indeed any other aged wine, be sure that it’s stored correctly. This means keeping it on its side and in a cool place—never upright or near an open window.

Most sherries will keep for at least three years, though some of the finer varieties can last much longer.

Check bottle labels if you have more than one bottle of an identical vintage; sometimes there are minimum aging requirements that may help dictate whether a particular bottle will still be good after 10 years or 20 years!

Store In A Cool Dark Place

Because sherry is a fortified wine, it is going to last longer than your everyday Pinot Grigio. If you’re thinking about aging a bottle for more than 10 years, make sure you store it in a cool dark place.

A dark cupboard in your house is fine for shorter-term sherry storage, but if you want to keep your favorite bottle around for many years to come consider keeping it in your basement or cellar. Make sure it stays out of direct sunlight and way from high temperatures.

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Properly Close It

While you can’t technically age wine in your home, you can buy specialty products to ensure that what you’ve already got is preserved. For example, if your bottle of sherry isn’t sweet and fruity enough for your taste, consider aging it with a sherry oak.

By aging it with an oak cask (instead of in a glass bottle), you can help it develop more complex flavors. If you’ve still got some work to do on mellowing out an overly dry taste, try an inert gas like nitrogen or argon.


Both will help remove oxygen from your bottle (which is also known as de-oxidation), which helps prevent oxidation and protects flavor over time.

Check Every Month & Taste Before Drinking

Most wines age for long periods of time, so you may want to check your sherry every month or two. Taste it before you drink it, too. If you notice a drastic change in taste or smell, throw it out; wine that’s been exposed to oxygen is no longer good.

Make sure you store your bottle upright and leave at least 2 inches of space between your sherry and other liquids to prevent any flavor transfer from other beverages.

You should also keep your glass away from windows or fluorescent lighting, which can affect its taste. Storing in a dark place at cool temperatures will ensure that your sherry stays fresh for as long as possible.

Consider Aging At Home With Specialized Products

Aging wine isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a connoisseur who enjoys sipping mature reds and tawny port, it’s worth taking advantage of one of wine’s most special features: Aging at home has a variety of benefits.

Most wines age best in a dark place that is between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The exception to these rules is white wine; these will typically improve when stored on their sides or upright. In any case, make sure your storage space stays consistent throughout aging.

It may seem inconvenient to keep your sherry wine in a different spot than all your other bottles, but bear in mind that ideally you want to store each type of wine separately to take full advantage of its proper aging environment.

Buy The Best Quality

For best quality, you should buy your sherry from a reputable wine shop. It’s important to make sure that you are purchasing only top-quality sherry wine, and avoid buying wines that have sat on shelves for too long or have oxidized.


If you see any wines with freezer burn or browning around their bottles, don’t buy them! This is a sign of poor storage and will lead to your sherries going bad quickly.

The most popular types of sherry include amontillado, fino, oloroso, manzanilla (or dry), malvasia (or medium) and cream. Do some research on each type before you buy so that you can be certain to purchase only what’s best for your palate.

How Long Can You Store/Drink A Bottle Of Sherry?

Because sherry is a fortified wine, it has a naturally long shelf life (not unlike port wines and vermouths). While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, you can expect your bottle to remain drinkable for at least two years from when it was bottled.

However, sherry isn’t just about taste – it’s also about quality. So how do you know when to throw out your bottle of sherry? Use these indicators of spoilage

How Far Does Sherry Last In Terms Of Preservation?

It’s important to take proper care of a good bottle of sherry so it lasts as long as possible. There are several things you can do in order to preserve your precious drink for as long as possible. Let’s explore what these are!

Allowance for Alcohol Injection: Examine your Sherry, and if you notice that it hasn’t been properly sealed, you may be able to save it by adding something called Ethyl Alcohol (or ethanol) which is another form of alcohol that can halt bacterial activity.

This means that even if air has entered into your bottle, then you can add ethanol before serving and it should be safe to drink.

Do you refrigerate sherry after opening?

Keeping your sherry refrigerated after opening will protect it from exposure to light, which can accelerate oxidation and change or damage flavor. No matter what style of sherry you have open, store it in a cool place.

The ideal temperature is between 50-55 degrees F; if that’s not possible, then find a cabinet or closet where you can keep your bottles away from sunlight.

Can old sherry make you ill?

Absolutely! In fact, some of it can be deadly. If you’re drinking sherry that’s been sitting around for decades, you may be consuming methanol or other contaminants—and getting sick as a result.

Although proper storage is essential to maintaining freshness, there are also other steps that can be taken to protect yourself from an upset stomach (or worse). Below are some simple guidelines to help ensure your experience with a glass of sherry is safe and enjoyable.

Conclusion On How To Keep Your Sherry Wine Fresh

This sherry can be easily made by following some easy steps. It is quite tasty, healthy and inexpensive which makes it ideal for regular consumption of everyone. This drink never loses its taste and you will always love to sip on it with your friends or family.

If you are thinking of making a sherry but lack enough knowledge regarding it then all your problems will be solved once you read our simple guide. You don’t have to worry about its storage because it has a long shelf life just like wine does.

So make sure that you prepare yourself for an exquisite drinking experience once you try our homemade dry sherry. Once you prepare yourself for preparing simple delicious drinks like dry sherry, cocktail etc, then there will be no looking back for you.

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