Is Cabernet Sauvignon Served Chilled

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular wines all around the world. People of different ages like to have this wine. But, it is also important to know what temperature is best to serve Cabernet Sauvignon to get the best taste.

Cabernet Sauvignon wine should not be served too chilled as well as too warm. It should be chilled for some time in the fridge. The recommended temperature to serve Cabernet Sauvignon is around 59-68° F or 15 or 20-degree celsius. Room temperature is not suitable for serving this wine.

But, there are a few things you should also need to know before serving Cabernet Sauvignon that I’ve listed below. So let’s check those essential tips now.

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Ideal Serving Temperature for Cabernet Sauvignon

So now it is important to know the best temperature for serving the Cabernet Sauvignon, as who doesn’t want to get the perfect taste of a wine?

As mentioned earlier, the ideal temperature to serve Cabernet Sauvignon is 59-68° F. This temperature is perfect for full-bodied red wines and will also be warm in your glass. So overall, 59-68° Fahrenheit or 15 to 20 degrees celsius is ideal for this wine.

You may have different tastes and thoughts, but most people tend to have this temperature to serve this wine. You can also try making it hotter and cooler than this temperature to see what suits you.

Should You Put Cabernet Sauvignon in the Fridge?

As I told serving Cabernet Sauvignon a bit chilled can enhance the taste and overall experience. So you can put this wine into the refrigerator or fridge before serving.

Although full-bodied red wine is not known for cooling a lot, chilling it can increase its taste and aroma.

Also, let the wine get to the perfect temperature after serving it in your glass and before drinking.

How Long To Chill Cabernet Sauvignon?

Full-bodied red wines taste better when it is a bit warmer, so you should not put Cabernet Sauvignon in the fridge or refrigerator for more than 40 min to 45 min. If you serve it too cold, it will not taste very interesting.

Hence, making this wine a bit cooler will give you the perfect taste. So remember these facts as they can make the day for you or your friends.

What is the Best Way to Serve Cabernet Sauvignon?

Here I’ve mentioned the steps you can follow to serve Cabernet Sauvignon perfectly. Let’s follow the steps.

Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Optimal Temperature: Ensure the serving Temperature is around 59-64 degrees Fahrenheit (15-18C); this is cooler than our room temperature. So to get that Temperature, you need to put your Cabernet Sauvignon wine into the fridge for 45 minutes.
  • Decant Your Cabernet Sauvignon Wine: Decanting your Cabernet Sauvignon wine can soften its flavors and release the aromas, enhancing the overall taste and experience. So, after taking your wine out from your fridge, make sure you decant it for 30-60 minutes.
  • Use the Perfect Glass and Serve It: A wide bowl and a narrow-rim glass are perfect for Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, so take the same glass and serve it. You can buy a glass of this wine from here on amazon. Then I think you know what to do! Just Swrill it, Smell it and then Drink it! Have a great drink.

So, following the above steps can enhance the Cabernet Sauvignon drinking experience. You can remember this or make this page a bookmark, so whenever you drink, you can read for a few minutes.

After drinking your wine, if there is still some wine left in your bottle, then you can store the bottle by following this post.

Can Cabernet Sauvignon Be Served Warm?

Cabernet Sauvignon or any other Red Full-bodied wines are known to serve a bit warm but not warmer. So, YES, you can serve this wine warm [not too warm], but here warm, meaning a bit warm, not too much.

The temperature I mentioned earlier is suitable for this wine, and you can get the best taste and aromas at that temperature. So I think drinking Cab Sauv a bit warmer is best.

Cooling it too much can damage this wine’s taste, so ensure the red wine’s temperature before serving or drinking.

Does Cabernet Sauvignon Need to Breathe?

Yes! Most red wines get tastier when exposed to air for some time. Hence, giving breath to Carbernet Sauvignon can soften the flavors and release its aromas. Exposing red wines to air for at least 30 minutes is suggested.

But, the main thing is only uncorking the bottle will not expose your wine to air for breathing; you also have to decant the wine in order to let the air in.

So it is again a whole new process that I’ve talked about in detail in this post of wine breath; you can check it now.


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