Everyone has their own unique personality, and as it turns out, that extends to the glasses they drink their wine from!

There are certain personality traits that can be matched up with specific types of wine glasses, giving you even more reasons to drink your favorite wine just that much more often.

Consider the following when choosing what type of wine glasses will match your personality the best!

What Type of Wine Glasses Matches Your Personality?

The Fishbowl for a Person Who Wants to Start Somewhere

Everyone’s had one of those moments: You’re at a friend’s place and you want to look like you know what you’re doing, so you start to ask questions about which glass is best for your $5 bottle.

But your friend quickly finds out that you don’t really have any interest in wine (which is why he doesn’t invite you over often).

This isn’t because he wants to flaunt his prized collection—it’s because it’s no fun for him or anyone else if your only goal is to be seen drinking wine. If that sounds like a description, then maybe consider picking up some easy-to-use Riedel O Series glasses.

The Coupe for an Upbeat, Energetic Person

People who are energetic, ambitious and impulsive in their nature will prefer a wine glass that allows them to drink quickly. The coupe is elegant and attractive with a wide rim, which makes it easy to hold on to, but also gives your taste buds plenty of room.

And while its thin shape can cause it to appear small in your hand, you’ll be surprised by how much liquid it can hold! With its pointed lip and skinny stem, you won’t have any problem draining a coupe glass quickly.


It might not seem like you’re drinking as much when you start out, but before long your cup will be empty anyway!

The Pinot Noir for Someone Who Enjoys Being Organized

Pinot Noir glasses are tall, narrow and usually stemless, which makes them a practical choice. Pinot drinkers aren’t known for being laid-back. They’re planners and organizers who want to stay on top of their game.

That’s why you’ll find a Pinot glass to be an effective tool for your lifestyle. Pinots are small enough to enjoy during a quick lunch or in between meetings but will still hold up over time.

Because these glasses can often be found at reasonably priced retailers, there is no need to spend more than $15 per glass when shopping for your next bottle of Pinot Noir.

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Champagne Flute for People who Love Sparkling Drinks

You don’t want to ruin a good champagne by drinking it out of a heavy, clunky glass that doesn’t allow for effervescence. You may be all business during your workday but you love a fun-filled social life in your free time.

And what better way to enjoy wine than with friends over dinner or at a party? The champagne flute is tall and elegant – just like you!

You are elegant and sophisticated yet can enjoy yourself when you’re around friends. Sip your sparkling drinks out of a flute!

Tulip For People Who Are Forever Young At Heart

While you might not know much about wine, that doesn’t mean you can’t judge a bottle by its label.

The bottles themselves provide plenty of information: French vs. California, sparkling vs. still, old world vs. new world—and then there are all those letter and number combinations (that is, if they actually have a label).

Using wines from three different regions as an example (Chilean malbecs for old world, New Zealand sauvignon blancs for new world and Napa cabernets for California), we can see which glasses match these unique personalities


Cabernet Sauvignon Glasses For Serious Tastebuds

Some people take their wine drinking seriously and love spending hours evaluating a particular vintage’s nuances. Cabernet Sauvignon glasses are a serious sommelier favorite for just that reason.

This style is tall, thin, and stems offer maximum airflow to better release aromas from your Cabernet wine. If you’re looking for a wine glass that will really help you get into each sip of Cabernet, consider investing in these glasses.

They aren’t suited for use with other wines though, so it’s best to pick up multiple styles if you enjoy drinking more than one type of red or white!

The Adventurer: Riesling Glasses

If you have a life that’s full of excitement and new experiences, you’re probably an adventurous person who jumps at every opportunity to learn about different cultures, ways of life, and more. Riesling glasses are unique due to their flared shape.

They serve as a reminder that there are new experiences out there waiting for you to try them! If you want your glass to bring good fortune and new opportunities your way, then order yourself a set! (But remember: they aren’t meant for everyday use.

Save them for special occasions!) : Riesling glasses should be used with white wines only. These glasses help preserve wine’s light-colored appearance while also highlighting its bouquet, so that no flavor gets lost in all those aromas.

The Kickstarter: Sauvignon Blanc Glasses

Add a hint of zest to your sauvignon blanc drinking experience with these glasses. The perfect glasses for fresh and flavorful wines, like those from New Zealand or Chile. ($19+).

These wine glasses have been a fan favorite since its launch on Kickstarter, making it one of our best sellers! Why are they so popular? They add that extra zing to your wine. It’s hard to describe exactly how they do it, but our customers really love them!

We’ve even had customers tell us that they’ve started requesting their favorite wines be served in these glasses whenever friends come over for dinner parties!

The Conservator: Malbec Glasses

If you like wine but are on a budget, then malbec glasses will appeal to you. It’s no secret that malbec comes in different colors and varieties.

They range from being dark purple to almost white, but there is one thing they all have in common – they age pretty quickly. In addition, they are more acidic than Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir wines, so if you have a soft palette, then it’s not likely that you’ll enjoy drinking them often.

If you love malbec glasses despite everything we said above, then congratulations; that means your hard-headed personality can handle everything thrown at it!


Whether you are quiet and reserved or outgoing and loud, selecting wine glasses that match your personality can be fun way to engage guests.

Consider which type of glass best fits your personality and lifestyle. Do you prefer to host intimate get-togethers with close friends, or is your preference more large gatherings? Will you use them at home with close family, or will they mostly be used when entertaining business clients?

The kind of social event being hosted will have a huge impact on how many glasses are needed as well as what types.

If you’re hosting a holiday party with both casual acquaintances and potential business partners, consider keeping it formal by including flutes for Champagne and cocktail glasses for drinks like Cosmopolitans.

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