It’s summer again and it’s the season to kick back, relax, and enjoy the weather. As you sit back and drink your favorite alcoholic beverage on these hot summer days, why not try out one of these wines to drink in summer?

8 Wines To Drink In Summer

1) Prosecco

This light, bubbly wine is Italy’s signature contribution to summer drinking. It pairs well with virtually anything from watermelon slices to seafood platters and generally strikes a balance between freshness and sweetness.

Prosecco comes in several varieties, so it’s worth exploring what you like best (sparkling, still or brut?). A good rule of thumb: The drier your food, then the drier your prosecco should be.

2) Rose

The French like rose, and so do we. We suggest buying a bottle of Côtes de Provence Rose from L’Occitane. In fact, we’re drinking it right now—and it is pretty tasty.

It won’t knock you off your feet like a red wine will, but if you want something light to pair with those BBQs or just something chilled for dinner on a hot day, we say go for rose. And pink is always a good color on patio furniture…as long as it doesn’t leave rings.

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3) Cava

Cava is a sparkling wine made with a Spanish sparkling method called méthode champenoise. It is manufactured in Catalonia, Spain and its name is protected by denomination of origin laws.

The grapes used are similar to those used for Champagne: mainly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Cava can be served with any meal at any time of year, though it tends to be more popular during warm weather.


Because it has no age requirement and still contains more residual sugar than Champagne, cava pairs well with fruit desserts or spicy food. If you are looking for something refreshing on a hot day that still packs some alcohol punch, cava is what you want.

4) Rosé

When most people think of rosé, they think of pink wine. However, there are many types of rosé and some can be made from white grapes. Rosé has a refreshingly light flavor profile with an aromatic bouquet that goes well with warm weather and barbeques.

These drinks can be made from a number of grape varieties including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and even Pinot Noir!

5) Sauvignon Blanc

This white wine is usually made from the French grape of the same name, but Sauvignon Blanc can be produced anywhere—including California, New Zealand and Australia.

A nice light-bodied white with a mild tangy taste, it’s a great choice for warm weather and casual get-togethers. Pair it with seafood or chicken dishes. As far as storage goes, expect an open bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to last three or four days if refrigerated.

6) Chardonnay

Arguably one of most versatile white wines, good Chardonnay can stand up to a wide range of foods. It’s often touted as a universal wine because of its crisp flavors and characteristic apple-like aroma.

If you prefer something less dry, then look for fuller-bodied examples with more citrus flavors. For summer sipping, look for refreshing notes of peaches and melons; these tend to be lower on acidity than other white wines so they pair well with light foods like seafood or salads.


7) Chenin Blanc

This white wine has flavors of honey and grapefruit, and some even say it smells like a peach. The acidity is low, so be sure to pair it with something that has higher acidity; goat cheese or feta goes great. Riesling:

This white wine is usually served cold, since it can overpower those with a weaker palette when served at room temperature. It’s sweet, but with a hint of sourness that makes it unique.

Pinot Grigio: Light and crisp, Pinot Grigio pairs well with mild cheeses such as mozzarella and goat cheese because of its light flavor profile—but don’t expect much fruitiness from it. Red blends: Get ready for mixed flavors!

8) White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel is a light, fruity wine that’s very sweet. It’s best enjoyed during warm weather because it does not keep well in cold temperatures. Serve chilled and enjoy with BBQs or picnics. It has an alcoholic content of between 9 and 11 percent by volume.

If you’re into red wine but want something lighter, White Zinfandel may be a good choice for you (depending on your personal taste). If you love its taste and would like to know more about it, read up on some of these facts

Is Cocktail better in Summers

You’ve had your cup of coffee, you’ve smoked a few cigarettes, and now it’s time for an afternoon pick-me-up. Instead of reaching for that soda or juice box, try something with a little more kick: an alcoholic beverage.

While studies show that drinking too much alcohol can have adverse effects on your health, there are also some benefits associated with moderate drinking.

Red wine has long been associated with lower incidences of heart disease and stroke; meanwhile, wine is often touted as a healthier alternative to beer. The truth is that most studies simply don’t show any differences between wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Conclusion On Wines To Drink In Summer

The question should be answered with a list. This can be done with numbered lists or bullets. Of course, your list will depend on what countries you find suitable for summer drinks and how you see their effects on our health.

Another thing that is worth noticing is that alcohol should not be consumed by people who have certain diseases or are pregnant. Alcohol leads to addiction quickly, which only complicates things further.

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